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What is Civil Law? How to find the Best Lawyer?

What is the meaning of Civil Law?

Advocates for Civil law indeed can give you a better answer than anyone. Firstly, the Rajendra Civil Lawyers firm in Chennai is the best Civil attorney office in India. Filing a Civil case is not an easy thing without a doubt. Meanwhile, It needs special skills and knowledge.

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Civil law is a branch of Indian law as a matter of fact which deals with private relations between members of the community. In fact, these laws concerns with the cases of divorce, child custody, property ownership, disagreements of contracts, personal and property damage etc. By the way, this handles the disputes between individuals and organizations.

Civil Laws vs Criminal Laws

In India, the cases that do not involve the breaking of all criminal laws come under civil law.

Most of all, Civil laws can broadly be classified into four types namely contract law, torts, family law, Company issues and personal disputes.

In any case, Under the civil side, the lawbreaker has a chance to accept his mistake and /or pay compensation to settle a dispute. Of Course, This brings justice to the culprit legally.

Civil Litigation vs Criminal Cases

A civil Advocate is one that focuses solely on civil laws and does not have a role to play in criminal cases and Litigation. These Laws on the Civil side consist of areas such as family law, probate, intellectual property law, Tax Laws, business, real estate, personal injury law, and others. Law relating to civil wrongs and quasi-contracts is a part of Civil law. These laws include the type of legal case that is not related to criminal activity or criminal law.

Criminal Attorney vs Criminal Lawyer

civil attorney different from a criminal lawyer in that a criminal lawyer defending the accused for criminal charges while civil litigation lawyers handle non-criminal. Their Legal Service needs them to produce evidence and argue before the civil courts to support their clients.

Civil laws involving private parties. It could be an individual or a company. The main purpose is that wishes to file a lawsuit against the other party and therefore became the plaintiff. The burden of proof is on the plaintiff to prove his case. His job involves not just presenting the case before a judge but also interpreting the law. Of Course, Civil Lawyers will do the following legal service to individuals, companies, and organizations.

  • Negotiate settlement of legal disputes,
  • Investigate legal data,
  • Formulate legal briefs,
  • Filing a legal appeal in a higher court on behalf of clients.

An attorney for the Civil Legal Support to find a resolution to matters that are not associated with dissent criminal. One must find the differences regarding the Following

  • Definition of contractual agreements,
  • Property ownership,
  • Custody disputes involving minors,
  • Divorces and disputes over marriage such as maintenance and allowances,
  • Compensation sought to individuals and / or property loss or decline in cases of damages and defamation.
Civil Lawyers for individuals, companies and Government or state institutions

Civil Lawyers deal with a case consisting of individuals, companies, and in some cases the government or state institutions. In Fact, He worked on behalf of private clients, home businesses, or government agencies to resolve disputes and legal issues. They do not work with the criminal case, but they are dealing with the law relating to people, relationships, and properties.

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A Civil attorney doing the Legal tasks is the same as other lawyers. They can take depositions of witnesses of their own party or the opponent to investigate the relevant law to identify the best argument to make and argue their case in court. They also prepare legal documents and, in some cases, negotiate a settlement. The law governing the civil Side is different from Criminal laws.

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A Civil Lawyer job :
  • Presenting cases to juries & judges
  • Investigating official data
  • Deciphering laws and rulings for persons, businesses and organizations
  • Filing legal appeals in the state & federal court of appeals
  • Negotiating settlements of legal disputes
  • Formulating legal briefs

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