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Who is a Civil Lawyer?

In India a person who is any law graduate enrolled as an advocate in Bar council indeed can practice as a Civil attorney. At this point, an advocate with postgraduate degree of LLM in civil law are practicing as a civil lawyer in Chennai Madras high court. In fact, A Civil lawyer handles disputes between partners, family members, employers, employees on contract etc. Moreover, a Civil lawyer handles cases of divorce, child custody, property ownership, disagreements of contracts, personal and property damage etc

Who is a Civil Lawyer? | Best Civil Advocate in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

A civil lawyer job involves:

  • Presenting cases to juries & judges
  • Investigating official data
  • Deciphering laws and rulings for persons, businesses and organizations
  • Filing legal appeals in the state & federal court of appeals
  • Negotiating settlements of legal disputes
  • Formulating legal briefs

Civil lawyers for Property disputes in India

Firstly, Property dispute is a very common legal dispute in India. Here two or more parties have conflict in terms of a property. As a first step the parties try to resolve the dispute amongst themselves, else they approach a civil lawyer or property lawyer to file a case against the other party in the court to get justice.

How to solve a Property Dispute?

A property dispute is a legal dispute involving a condo, apartment, home or other type of real estate property. Property feuds may involve a number of people over various issues including:

  • Neighbours
  • Government agencies
  • Visitors to the property
  • Property owners and renters
  • Mortgage lenders and creditors

Each year property disputes top the chart of legal cases filed. In many cases, legal remedies include damages award, plaintiff’s losses or injunction order to remedy the property defect.

Some Examples of a Property Dispute

Here are some typical examples of property disputes:

  • Title and boundary disputes
  • Disputes over home mortgages
  • Foreclosures and evictions
  • Issues with zoning and land use
  • Issues with rent and security deposits
  • Insurance claims
  • Disputes over inheritance claims and so on

Some property dispute cases may have more than one legal issue. This can make the claim somewhat complex thus leading to an extension of overall processing time.

“What are Some Effects of Property Disputes?

In a property dispute remedies such as damages, awards, or injunctions are issued. But when there is a dispute on the property, there is a hindrance to the title to the property. It means that the property is not marketable if there is any ongoing and unresolved dispute involving the property.

Under such circumstances, a specific type of legal proceeding is required to resolve the property dispute before the sale of the property. It is called a “Quiet Title” proceeding. It is necessary to complete the proceeding for a clear title and marketable property.

Need a Civil Lawyer for Property Dispute
“Do I Need a Civil Lawyer for Property Dispute?”

Property disputes involve specific legal issues and matters. It is wise to hire a civil lawyer if you need help resolving any property disputes. Regardless of the parties or the types of legal issues , the help of civil lawyer is indispensable for these types of cases. A Civil attorney can give you legal advice, guidance, and representation throughout the duration of the process.

 If you have questions about a potential or existing property dispute, Contact Rajendra Civil lawyers firm in Chennai. Our Civil attorneys would be happy to assist you to get it resolved.
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Consult the Best Property Lawyer / Advocate in India

In Typical problems, a property lawyer can address the following

  • Illegal possession,
  • Settlement of ancestral property
  • Builder delays in ownership
  • Property disputes between families
  • Real estate disputes under Rera action.

Consult with the Senior property attorney in India. Top Civil Advocates file or defend a suit for partition, a dispute in the title, and due diligence documents of your property. The Civil Lawyer fees will range from Rs25,000/- to 3,00,000/-.

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