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In the event that you didn’t grasp the issue, did you tell the Civil Lawyers to proceed to solve the legal problem? Ensure you ask the real inquiries. You must follow the inference of your case all in all. In fact, this will expect future malaise. It appears that at whatever point you may hear a litigant whining about their Civil Advocate in India. Consult a Legal adviser in Rajendra Civil Law Firm soon when you hear about the trouble. Rajendra Civil Law Firm: Legal Solution under One Roof.


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Dedicated Client Success Team: Top Law Firms for Civil Lawyers litigation services

Firstly, many people will not know who are Civil Advocates in India. Secondly, How a civil law differs from Criminal law ?. First of all, Who are the Best tort advocates in Chennai 24×7?

Yes, you can hire an individual practice Civil Lawyers in Chennai India or Attorneys for Civil Cases from a Top Law Firm. By the way, Madras high Court Civil Case Attorneys in Chennai are popular to resolve the litigation.

Delivery of Prompt Legal Advisory, Opinion and Litigation Services

Legal Consulting

Getting the appropriate legal counsel is crucial because it helps you understand your rights and increases your chances of success. Consult a Civil Advocate - lawyer right away to receive the BEST legal counsel.

Litigation Services

Litigation Services: The Rajendra Civil Law firm’s litigation team is made up of attorneys - Civil Advocate with extensive legal knowledge and expertise handling issues before all Chennai courts and tribunals.

Legal opinion

A legal opinion serves two purposes: to inform the addressee of the legal implications of a transaction or matter and to indicate legal hazards that the addressee should take into consideration and further assess.

Legal Documentation

To avoid any legal challenges or issues later on, from Employees to Vendors or Stakeholders, have your legal documents, such as Agreements, Contracts, Offer Letters, Termination Letters, Government Notices Response or any associated documents, drafted or checked by the professionals.

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Our Areas of Practice: What Kinds Of Tort Cases Are Covered By Civil Lawyers?

There are many civil cases and civil attorneys in India that are specialized in certain areas like personal injury, family law, and so on. In addition to this, there are also other categories such as employment, commercial disputes, labor law, and property dispute.

Family & Divorce Litigation

Top Ranking Family Court Attorneys guarantee an effective representation for you. This makes your case solved quickly. The reputation and history of the success that successfully spoke for himself. Find specialist Expert Divorce Lawyers in Chennai, and we like to share with you divorce law in detail. Mainly, Everyone expects to consult Expert Divorce Lawyers for the Best Family Court Legal Services in Madras High Court.

Tenant Landlord Disputes

Tenant-landlord disputes in India are a common problem for real estate professionals around the world. If your landlord gives you a termination notice that you intend to contest, hiring a lawyer can improve your chances of winning. You can seek legal assistance if the landlord cuts off your utilities and locks you out in order to evict you on his own terms.

Breach of contract claims

Claims for breach of contract in law refer to one party to the contract’s failure to fulfil its responsibilities. When this occurs, the other party has the right to file a lawsuit in a court of law and recover from the defendant at least the amount it was expecting as payment for its loss. Given that it is a civil lawsuit, one can consult a legal professional for advice to avoid filing a claim alone.

Loan Disputes

Do not worry if you are in debt; there are legal agencies that can assist you with loan issues. Today’s economic issues can be resolved in a legal manner by doing this. Top Civil Lawyers in Chennai can assist you with loan disputes. In the event of bankruptcy or a debt issue, these civil attorneys can assist you.

Workers Compensation

The customers who need a legal expert for any purpose greatly benefit from the Reliable Lawyers in Chennai for government service concerns. The Chennai Central Administrative Tribunal Lawyers team gives the publice  all the information they require on legal matters.

Property Litigation

Legal services for property Litigation are excellent. Because they will either help you win your case or will help you get your case dismissed. if they are able to demonstrate that you were not at fault for what occurred to your house. It will not be advantageous for you if you have a mortgage, a residence, a home insurance policy, and a judgement against you.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question on Civil Advocate

Sure, the First 2 to 3 minutes of Virtual/Online/Phone Consultation is free of cost to plan your litigation.

Legal Consultation/Advice is charged Rs.2500/- Per 30 minutes

You can call between 8.30 am to 8.30 pm for General Legal advice

Call or WhatsApp: +91-9994287060 to make an appointment for a Legal Consultation.

Yes, You can get a Legal Consultation through email, phone calls, Whatsapp, IMO, Skype, Facebook messenger, or any other media.

The fees will range from Rs.25,000/- to Rs5,00,000/- based on the work, effort, and time spent on the case.

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