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ADVOCATES FOR NEGLIGENCE CLAIMS: Rajendra Civil Law Firm, based in Chennai, is a team of experienced and skilled lawyers who specialize in handling negligence claims. Negligence is a legal concept that refers to a failure to exercise reasonable care, resulting in harm or damage to another party. The lawyers at Rajendra Civil Law Firm understand the complexities of negligence claims and are committed to helping their clients receive the compensation they deserve. With their expertise in the field, they are dedicated to providing high-quality legal services and ensuring that their client’s rights are protected.

Who is the best advocate for Negligence claims in Chennai?

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What is Negligence?

Negligence is a reckless act of a person resulting in predictable damages to others in the first place. In fact, It is an offense under IPC and a tort. Moreover, It is also an offense under the Indian Contracts Act, Consumer Protection Act, and many more. A professional is an all in all expert specialized in the respective field. This laxity in both civil as well as criminal wrong

Top rated advocate for Negligence claims in Chennai

Negligence by Professionals

Professionals are indeed persons admitting some special skill or job. They undergo training to profess in that specialized area to be sure about it. In any case, They bear the responsibility of professing with due care. These professionals include lawyers, doctors, architects, and so on. At this point, The Supreme Court of India has explained in Jacob Mathew vs State of Punjab case that

  • There is a belief in professional knowledge by practicing professionals.
  • There is an implicit assurance by professionals for a reasonable amount of care.
Professionals are liable under negligence
  1. If he does not have the required skills
  2. If he failed to take an essential amount of care

Nowhere in the law is it stated that professionals are liable if he fails to perform their skills as a matter of fact. The failure to follow similar professionals’ general practice and advancements cause professional carelessness by and large. Meanwhile, this dereliction is liable under the law.

Negligence and Liability

Negligence can be of a criminal nature or civil nature. Let’s discuss both of them below:

Examples of Criminal Negligence
  1. When a person is driving and texting at the same time, He breaks someone’s car and kills the driver. It is a criminal activity as texting and driving at the same time is a crime.
  2. A caretaker of the nursery fails to take care of the children and one kid goes missing. The caretaker gets held for criminal liability
  3. A nurse in a hospital forgets to feed the patient and the patient dies because of the negligent act of the nurse. It is criminal negligence.
Criminal Liability

In case of criminal negligence, you can file a criminal case under IPC Section 304A. The reason is the cause of death by rash or negligent act. According to IPC Section 304A – whoever causes the death of any person by a rash act not amounting to culpable homicide gets punished by imprisonment for up to two years or a fine or both.

Advocates for Negligence claims can help you
Examples of Civil Negligence
  1. A company does not get incorporated according to the SEBI guidelines. The company is civil negligent.
  2. A driver runs a stop sign and goes beyond the prescribed speed limit. The driver is civil negligent.
  3. A pharmaceutical company launches a drug without testing it on humans. The pharmaceutical company is civil negligent
  4. A popular beer store holds an exhibition or sale without any security. The beer store is civil negligent
Civil Liability

Civil liability usually includes the claim for damages suffered. It is in the form of compensation. The employer/professional has civil liability for the dereliction of the employee/ junior.

How our Advocates for Negligence claims can help you?

Our Team of civil lawyers in Chennai understands the sensitive nature of professional negligence issues. Our Senior Civil advocates in Chennai represent both defenders and claimants. Of course, Civil attorneys in our law firm have a good reputation for providing quality advice and representation. Above all, Senior legal counsels for Civil cases represent both the pre-litigation stage and later proceedings.

Our advocates are the leading professional negligence Claim practitioners in this area. Our Legal consultants for civil litigation have rendered services for professional organizations, insurers, and others. Senior civil lawyers in Chennai specialize in the following areas:

Solicitors’ negligence:

Expert Advocates offer litigation services for Claimants of solicitors in the light of fact. By the same token, the Civil advocate in our office offers the best legal services on behalf of professional indemnity insurers defending such claims. 

In this case, Attorneys support claimants and defenders of architects, engineers, and surveyors.

Financial Services actions:

Above all, Vakils for civil cases support claimants and defenders of accountants, insurance brokers, etc.,

Medical negligence:

On the other hand, Our team of civil legal consultants support claimants and defenders of veterinary surgeons, pharmacists, and opticians.

Top Civil attorneys for Negligence claims in Chennai

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Top Civil Attorneys for Negligence Claims in Chennai

If we stop doing negligent acts, we will stop tolerating them too. Only then we will be careful about our actions and speech. In case of any queries about negligence claims, kindly contact our Civil advocates in Chennai. Senior Legal consultants in our law firm will be happy to hear from you.

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