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What is the function of the Public works department of Tamil Nadu?

By all means, The Public Works Department of Tamil Nadu is a state government authority. Meanwhile, It is responsible for public-sector jobs in the state of Tamil Nadu. In fact, It is part of the Ministry of Public Works Department and was entrusted with the construction and maintenance of buildings for most government departments and public enterprises, and the construction of bridges, roads, and infrastructure.

PWD Establishment

Public Works Department (PWD) is the oldest department in Tamil Nadu and was founded by the British Raj in 1800. First of all, It became a government agency in 1858.

Department of Public Works is divided into two wings, namely, the Department of Water Resources and Organization Building.

The current trend of eGovernance

Department of Public Works is one of the oldest departments of the Government Service, serving for the last 153 years in the construction and maintenance of Government Buildings. Many buildings and monuments stand as testimony to our technical skills. Organizations march towards better service to the community by adopting the current trend of eGovernance.

Long-term vision for quality services

Ministry takes all efforts for better service with this long-term vision. Building organizations provide structural security for all public buildings to adopt the latest technology and follow the specifications of the Indian Standards Code. All the monuments and heritage buildings under the control of the government are protected by the PWD to keep Architecture, Aesthetic, Historical, archaeological and stand their symbolic values.

This department has a long-term vision for quality services for public buildings that are safe and effective at reasonable cost adopting best practices evolved and advanced modern technology.

Organization Department of Public Works – PWD Building construction and maintenance the building from various Government Departments as follows

  • School Education
  • Health and Family Welfare,
  • Judiciary
  • Transportation
  • Prisons
  • Fire and Rescue
  • Revenue
  • Agriculture
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Dairying and Fisheries
  • Tourism and the Arts Culture Ministry
  • Labor and Employment
  • Department of Social Welfare.

The Department of Public Works – PWD provides quality services for government buildings at low cost using modern technology and experience achieved through years of practice. In this case, the Department of Public Works – PWD follows the design and specifications set forth in the Code of Indian Standards.

The Department of Public Works do the following main activities and functions-
  1. Planning, designing, construction, and maintenance of Government Buildings which is a capital asset of the State.
  2. Construction and maintenance of monuments and memorials are under the purview of the Government.
  3. Implementation of Local Area Development Scheme works sanctioned under the MLAs and MP’s as work deposit funds.
  4. Implementation of any disaster reconstruction work such as building works Emergency Tsunami Reconstruction Project.
  5. Renovation and restoration of historic buildings.
  6. Construction of buildings for the central government enterprises, Universities, etc., as the work of deposits.
  7. Carry out research and development in construction materials and practices.
  8. The building is dated on the request of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption under the Ministry of Justice.

The structural stability of public buildings and lease certificate issuance fairness to private buildings used by government departments.

Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Project (drip)

  • The World Bank assisted projects with costs of Rs. 745.49 crore
  • The project period of six years (Phase I to IV)
  • World Bank assistance (80%) and the contribution of the Government (20%)
  • 104 Dam will be developed.


The architecture wing works on making of the initial image, a detailed plan, elevation, and cross-section for construction, given the utility aspect of such as office buildings, education, health, and standards-compliant residential purposes, etc. as per the prescribed norms. The architects’ wing is authorized to do architectural drawings/plans images and walkthroughs if necessary.

Creativity and Artistic elements

Architect wings add creativity and artistic elements to the build to understand the limitations and potential sites, financial targets, realize different technical difficulties and predict the opinion of future expansion and technical ideas and focus on the aesthetic factor, cost estimation, the time scale of the project, freeway environment, utilizing the reduction of consumption energy and consume more natural resources, etc. The drawings are made by the architect. That also includes a rendering of floor plans, site plans, elevation, and isometric views apart from 2D and 3D.

Planning And Design Circle

The main important role of PWD, Planning, and wing design was preparing / nominal appropriate structural drawings for building execution in accordance with the Indian standard code with trending technology utilizing, technical knowledge and practical skills acquired for decades.

Tamizhaga Arasu building research station, Chennai

By giving priority to prime construction materials used in building Construction work, Building Tamizhaga Arasu Research Station, Chennai is providing enhanced technical capability, Research & rating approval for the quality of construction materials and construction material products.

Building Center And Conservation Division, Chennai

In order to conserve and preserve the heritage Structure and Building Archeology, which deals with Center Building and Conservation Division the renovation and restoration of distressed Historic heritage structures without changing Aesthetic values ​​and seen to adopt ancient construction methodology involving The original natural products to add more value to the Heritage Building.

Quality control division

Quality Control Division will facilitate the process establish a centralized Quality Control Systems in Buildings Organization. The Quality Control Wing needs to maintain uniformity in quality control measures, systems, and procedures, so as to ensure easy monitoring and control.

Quality Control is a PWD system of regular inspections to ensure that the project meets the standards specified in the contract. In the meantime, Quality control personnel carry out tests and compare the results with the specification requirements. Quality Control includes the following,

  • Preparing construction standards
  • Check the deviations from the standard
  • Take action to correct or minimize variation
  • Improved standards in almost all the wings of public sector organizations and central quality control functions.

Benefits of Quality Control Wing in Building

Organization and the Department of Public Works – PWD to ensure uniform quality, reduce spending on maintenance work, eliminate rework, etc. Currently the Quality Control (Building Organizations) function with 3 Divisions,12 Sub-Division, and 46 Sections. This wing conducts surprise checks/inspections at the project site during various stages of execution collect samples from the site and behavioural tests such as compressible Strength Test, Fineness modulus and Sieve Analysis of Fine and Coarse Aggregates and for Concrete, test relating to Bricks, etc. and the same has reported to each office and also took follow-up action in this regard

The Tamil Nadu Public Works Department

The Tamil Nadu Public Works Department (PWD) is responsible for providing services to the people living in the state. For the most part, This department carries out various projects including providing infrastructure like roads, buildings, housing, etc. Tamil Nadu also has a number of educational institutions and government offices.

The main aim of this department is to provide services to the citizens and to cater to the needs of the Indian Government. The PWD provides a lot of basic and advanced infrastructure to the people living in the state. The PWD has planned a system called the ‘E-procurement’ scheme to help them in providing the required infrastructure. This program helps in the procurement and acquisition of equipment and machines that can be used for various projects.

The Tamil Nadu Public Works Department manages to maintain a smooth flow of electricity and other resources for the state. This department also provides various electrical equipment and tools to various industries in the state. In other words, The Tamil Nadu Public Works Department manages to maintain a complete network for various power supply facilities in Tamil Nadu.

Chennai Metro Rail System

The Tamil Nadu Public Works Department also manages to build the Chennai Metro Rail System. The Chennai Metro Rail System was developed by the Chennai Metro Rail Corporation. n the same way, It runs in the Chennai Central Business District. As an illustration, It connects the Chennai airport and central Chennai.

Another important duty of the Tamil Nadu Public Works Department is to construct roads. For instance, These roads are in need to provide better connectivity to the various areas of Tamil Nadu. Roads are also in construction so that the people living in the state can live an easy and comfortable life.

The Tamil Nadu Public Works Department also handles to provide various forms of public safety in the state. Subsequently, All these things help the people of the state to live an easier and more comfortable life.

United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

The Tamil Nadu Public Works Department also manages to provide education for the people living in the state. There are a number of institutes and colleges in Tamil Nadu that offer quality education to the people in the meantime. Afterwards, These institutions have been able to gain recognition from different international institutions. Simultaneously, They are accredited and approved by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

These institutes and colleges offer the best education for the people living in the state in addition. Even more, These colleges and institutes are able to provide quality education to their students.

The Tamil Nadu Public Works Department has been very successful in providing various important functions and services to its citizens in the first place. These services make the life of the people of Tamil Nadu better in the second place.

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