How to file a civil case in Chennai ?.

Filing a Civil case in Chennai

First of all, what is a civil case ?. At this point, a civil case cover a lawful debate into at least two persons. In fact, One can take a civil action against other person by filing a petition in civil court at specific jurisdiction. In any case, You must pay a certain amount of court fee for it. An stung party must appear in the court to prove the innocence. He must also hire a lawyer to win the case. In the event that the case is true, the evidence must be clear to prove the court of law.

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To start a civil claim in a court of law, filing a case by the litigant is a must. The court will serve a copy of those details to other party. The plaint define the litigant’s harm or sore. It clarify opposite party’s crisis, damage or injure. Thus it shows that the court has power to order for a relief. Most of all, the plaintiff will seek certain amount of money as reward for the injury or sore. By the way, They may also ask the court to order the other party to pause the work or any activity in process which causes damages.

The court may likewise order any sorts of ease reliefs, for example, the litigant party will get a court order to stop or proceed his own work without any doubt.

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